Arizona RoomStore SUCKS!!!


Arizona RoomStore Furniture SUCKS!


I created this website because the Arizona RoomStore declined to honor their warranty for furniture we purchased there.

Back in April of 2009, my wife & I bought a new reclining sectional from the RoomStore at 59th Ave & Bell Rd in the Phoenix area. We paid $1943.59 including a 5 year warranty. See this image for warranty details.

I should be able to use a recliner as a recliner. The foot rests on both the love seat and sofa are defective. The brackets that support them bend like rubber. As soon as any weight is added, they bend to the point where you cannot put the foot rests back down.

The center seat in the sofa is also defective. A bracket underneath broke. This causes sofa material to fall out onto the ground. It is also now very uncomfortable to sit on. If I had not invested this much in this sectional, I would throw this furniture out.

If you have an Arizona RoomStore furniture horror story, send it to me. If I get enough, I will add a story section to the site.

Current Status:

I have submitted a complaint through the AZ BBB. I received the following response from the roomstore:
The consumer called in for service stating that the mechanisms were bent the RoomStore sent out a service technician to evaluate the item. Upon inspection he found all the mechanisms were bent items had pet damage also stains. This would fall under customer abuse and neglect this is why the claim was denied.
My response to that is basically that the damage to this furnitire is not "pet" damage and regardless, the warranty I have includes pet stains as a covered item. I am awaiting their response.


All I want is for my furniture to be repaired or replaced at their cost. But I will never, EVER buy furniture from the roomstore again!! This has to be some of the worst furniture I have ever had the displeasure of owning!